California Vegetation Megatransect compiled from pictures from the project,
southeast to northwest cross-section,
from one inch to 100 inches of annual rainfall

California has one of the most extreme rainfall pattern in North America within the smallest megatransect, from one inch annually in the deserts, to over 100 inches in the northwest redwood forests.

Compiled by Craig Dremann, (650) 325-7333, for scientific study of what a large-scale ecological and vegetation photo megatransect could possibly look like, photos copyright by the photographers that are listed on the pages at Photos on this web page are used here with written permission from the Confluence Project.

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Blue dots trace the route of this megatransect.

megatransect 33N 115W
Near town of Winterhaven, 1-3 inches of annual rainfall.

megatransect 34N 116W
Joshua trees (a species of yucca, or giant desert lilies to 30 feet tall)
near town of Desert Center. Joshua trees shown are about 4-6 feet tall.

megatransect 35N 118W
Near town of Mojave, 4-6 inches of annual rainfall, creosote bushes with bare spaces in between where the perennial native grasses were 99.99% grazed out between 1840 and 1940, over a 25 million acre of arid southern California. See and

megatransect 36N 119W
Near town of Porterville, San Joaquin valley, at the foothills of the Sierras.

megatransect37N 120W
Near town of Madera, San Joaquin valley.

megatransect38N 121W
Near town of Linden, San Joaquin valley.

megatransect39N 122W
Near town of Arbuckle, Sacramento valley. Ancient volcano, Sutter Buttes.
20 inches of annual rainfall.

megatransect40N 123W
Trinity alps, 6,000 feet elevation. Rainfall now 40 inches or more.

megatransect41N 124W
Humboldt county redwood forest, 100+ inches annual rainfall.

megatransect42N 123W
Siskiyou forest, 4,000 feet elevation.

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