United States West to East Vegetation Megatransect
along the 38° North Latitude, compiled from pictures from the Confluence.org project.

United States West to East, ecological and vegetation photo megatransect, running along the 38° North Latitude.

Compiled by Craig Dremann, (650) 325-7333, for scientific study of what a large-scale, continent-sized ecological and vegetation photo megatransect could possibly look like, photos copyright by the photographers that are listed on the pages at confluence.com. Photos on this web page are used here with written permission from the Confluence Project.

The best index link into the Confluence project is https://www.confluence.org/showworld.php

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Green dots trace the route of this megatransect

megatransect38N 123W CA

megatransect38N 122W CA

megatransect38N 121W CA

megatransect38N 120W CA

megatransect38N 119W CA

megatransect38N 118W NV

megatransect38N 117W NV

megatransect38N 116W NV

megatransect38N 115W NV

megatransect38N 114W UT

megatransect38N 113W UT

megatransect38N 112W UT

megatransect38N 111W UT

megatransect38N 110W UT

megatransect38N 109W CO

megatransect38N 108W CO

megatransect38N 107W CO

megatransect38N 106W CO

megatransect38N 105W CO

megatransect38N 104W CO

megatransect38N 103W CO

megatransect38N 102W KS

megatransect38N 101W KS

megatransect38N 100W KS

megatransect38N 99W KS

megatransect38N 98W KS

megatransect38N 97W KS

megatransect38N 96W KS

megatransect38N 95W KS

megatransect38N 94W MO

megatransect38N 93W MO

megatransect 38N 92W MO

megatransect 38N 91W MO

megatransect 38N 90W IL

megatransect 38N 89W IL

megatransect 38N 88W IN

megatransect 38N 87W IN

megatransect 38N 86W IN

megatransect 38N 85W KY

megatransect 38N 84W KY

megatransect 38N 83W KY

megatransect 38N 82W WV

megatransect 38N 81W WV

megatransect 38N 80W WV

megatransect 38N 79W VA

megatransect 38N 78W VA

megatransect 38N 77W VA

megatransect 38N 76W MD marsh

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