North Africa to India Vegetation Megatransect
along the 30° North Latitude, compiled from pictures from the project

Human-created deserts, started and continuously maintained by domesticated cattle, sheep, camels and goats, starting 5,500 years ago and continuing to present.

North Africa to India, ecological and vegetation photo megatransect, running along as close to the 30° North Latitude as possible. The largest and most massive environmental destruction on the planet, human-created deserts, continuously maintained free of the original perennial native grasses by domesticated cattle, sheep, camels and goats, starting 5,500 years ago to present. More infomation about this proposal, at httpss://


Native meadow, Saudi Arabia, 29N 44E vicinity.


Camels Morocco 29N 9W


Nomads Morocco 28N 12W

Compiled by Craig Dremann, (650) 325-7333, for scientific study of what a large-scale, continent-sized ecological and vegetation photo megatransect could possibly look like, photos copyright by the photographers that are listed on the pages at Photos on this web page are used here with written permission from the Confluence Project.

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Green dots trace route of this megatransect.

megatransect Western Sahara 27N 13W

megatransect Morocco 28N 12W

megatransectWestern Sahara 26N 10W

megatransect Western Sahara 26N 9W

megatransect Algeria 28N 8E

megatransect Algeria 28N 9E

megatransect Tunisia 31N 10E

megatransect Libya 31N 11E

megatransect Libya 31N 12E

megatransect Libya 31N 13E

megatransect Libya 31N 14E

megatransect Libya 31N 15E

megatransect Libya 31N 16E

megatransect Libya 31N 17E

megatransect Libya 30N 18E

megatransect Libya 28N 19E

megatransect Libya 29N 20E

megatransect Libya 29N 21E

megatransect Libya 29N 22E

megatransect Libya 29N 23E

megatransect Libya 29N 24E

megatransect Libya 29N 25E

megatransect Egypt 29N 26E

megatransect Egypt 29N 27E

megatransect Egypt 29N 28E

megatransect Egypt 29N 29E

megatransect Egypt 29N 30E

megatransect Egypt 29N 31E,
Nile river agriculture land.

megatransect Egypt 29N 32E

megatransect Egypt 30N 33E

megatransect Egypt 29N 34E

megatransect Saudi Arabia 29N 35E

megatransect Saudi Arabia 29N 36E

megatransect Saudi Arabia 29N 37E

megatransect Saudi Arabia 29N 38E

megatransect Saudi Arabia 29N 39E

megatransect Saudi Arabia 29N 40E

megatransect Saudi Arabia 29N 41E

megatransect Saudi Arabia 29N 42E

megatransect Saudi Arabia 29N 43E

megatransect Saudi Arabia 29N 44E

megatransect Saudi Arabia 29N 45E

megatransect Saudi Arabia 29N 46E

megatransect Saudi Arabia 29N 47E

megatransect Kuwait 29N 48E

megatransect Iran 28N 54E

megatransectIran 28N 55E

megatransect Iran 29N 59E

megatransect Pakistan 29N 62E

megatransect Pakistan 29N 68E

megatransect India 28N 73E

megatransect India 28N 74E

megatransect India 28N 75E

megatransect India 28N 76E

megatransect India 28N 77E

megatransect India 28N 78E

megatransect India 28N 79E

megatransect India 29N 80E

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