Australia North to South Vegetation Megatransect
along the 139° East Meridian, compiled from pictures from the project.

Australian ecological and vegetation photo megatransect, running along as close to the 139° East meridian as possible.

Compiled by Craig Dremann, (650) 325-7333, for scientific study of what a large-scale, continent-sized ecological and vegetation photo megatransect could possibly look like, photos copyright by the photographers that are listed on the pages at Photos on this web page are used here with written permission from the Confluence Project.

The best index link into the Confluence project is

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Green dots trace route of this megatransect.

megatransect 18S 139E

megatransect19S 139E

megatransect20S 139E

megatransect21S 140E

megatransect22S 140E

megatransect23S 140E

megatransect24S 139E

megatransect25S 141E

megatransect26S 140E

megatransect27S 140E

megatransect28S 140E

megatransect29S 140E

megatransect30S 140E

megatransect31S 140E

megatransect32S 140E

megatransect33S 140E

megatransect34S 140E

megatransect35S 140E

megatransect36S 140E

megatransect37S 140E

megatransect38S 141E

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