White Sage or Grandfather Sage (Salvia apiana) - Growing information

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white sage

White Sage or Grandfather Sage, known botanically as Salvia apiana is a native shrub that only grows naturally in coastal California from Santa Barbara to the Mexican border.

All of the dried white sage bundles that are used each year, are wildcrafted from the wild shrubs. Each bundle represents about one year's growth for the shrub during normal rainfall years, which is about 10 inches.

However, the shrub can easlily be grown as a container plant anywhere in the USA, as long as you bring the plants in when temps. drop below 25 deg. F., and set them back out when night temps. go back into the 40s.

Plants "bonsai" themselves to fit in any sized container you wish to grow them in, and 2-3 gallons would keep the plants in-bounds, and would be a generous size.

Seeds for planting are also harvested from the wild shrubs in California, and the germination rate ranges from 10 to 50% after four weeks in potting soil in a plastic pot outside in the shade.

white sage
An old White Sage plant in the wild in Southern California near Santa Barbara, about 2 feet tall and 6 feet across.

Sow seeds in a plastic 8 inch diameter pot with potting soil and cover only 1/4 inch and keep constantly moist outside, and never let the surface dry out. Seeds should be spaced about 1/4 inch apart, and only expect 10-50% germination. Within 30 days, you should see seedlings about 1/2 inch tall and 2 inches wide.

white sage

Seedlings coming up after 30 days. Carefully dig up seedlings and transplant them into to their own individual 4 inch pots. Keep transplanting plants into larger and larger containers as they grow.

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