SWEETGRASS Organically grown
plants and dried bulk leaves
(Hierochlöe odorata)
also called Vanilla grass, Bison grass, and zubrowka.
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sweetgrass braid

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Sweetgass plants
We offer two kinds of live plants, the Regular (left) and the Supershamanistic™ (right), shown in June growing in 2-3/4" pots.
The Supershamanistic™ is a more robust plant, growing three to five times faster. We can get 3-5 cuts a year from our Supershamanistic™ plants, but only one or two cuts from the Regular strain.

Our Supershamanistic™ strain grows so fast--when you cut it in the morning, you can see it regrowing by noon! - A natural polyploid strain created by nature.

No pesticides, sprays, or chemical fertilizers are used.

Our plants are guaranteed to arrive alive & thrive!
Problems? Just call, and we will replace any during the first year.

your sweetgrass plants .
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2020 SHIP DATES: July 5, July 12, July 19, August 9, August 23, September 13, September 27, October 4

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Click here to see sweetgrass growing month-by-month, and the plant in a few months will fill the 8" pot. When they've grown to a large size, you can plant them out into your garden, spacing each 1-2 feet apart. Sweetgrass is very fast-growing in the summer.

Pictures of our plants growing in home gardens, click here=
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Craig's "Sweetgrass Encyclopedia" with 50 pages of

This web site contains the most detailed information ever compiled about sweetgrass, over 11,000 words, and printed out is 50 pages.

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Redwood City Seed Company, Box 361, Redwood City, CA 94064.

order by phone (650) 325-7333 or FAX (650) 325-4056.


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