Redwood City Seed Co., Box 361, Redwood City, California 94064 USA
(650) 325-7333 - Craig Dremann co-owner.

Catalog Supplement- 2015 -- New seeds, not listed in our printed catalog, that arrived after the catalog was published, or quantities are too small or rare to be listed in the catalog, or special collections are listed on here. Pictures and text are Copyright © 2015 by Craig Dremann, all rights reserved including the web.
None of these varieties are listed in the 2014 printed catalog.

USA, Canada or Mexico customers: Please add $5 for the first packet, and 10 cents for each additional packet for postage, except collections, where postage is included in the price.
California customers, no sales tax. (HS) = Craig Dremann's Hotness Scale™, f = fresh fruit, d = dried fruit.

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Updated January 21, 2015