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Catalog Supplement- 2014 -- New seeds, not listed in our printed catalog, that arrived after the catalog was published, or quantities are too small or rare to be listed in the catalog, or special collections are listed on here. Pictures and text are Copyright © 2013-2014 by Craig Dremann, all rights reserved including the web.
None of these varieties are listed in the 2014 printed catalog.

USA, Canada or Mexico customers: Please add $5 for the first packet, and 10 cents for each additional packet for postage, except collections, where postage is included in the price.
California customers, no sales tax. (HS) = Craig Dremann's Hotness Scale™, f = fresh fruit, d = dried fruit.

--Bhut Jolokia Rough. (C. chinense) The original rough-skinned form from India, plants grow to six feet tall with up to 1,000 fruit per plant. (Up to HS:90,000 d). PKT. (35 seeds) $5, One gram (250 seeds approx.) $25.00
De Agua pepper

--De Agua. (C. annuum) Probably the rarest pepper in Mexico, only able to obtain 55% germination seeds. (HS:2,470 d). PKT. (100 seeds) $5

--Guajon. (C. annuum) Rare pepper from Monterey, Mexico, similar to the New Mexico drying peppers. Fruit 5 inches long and 1.5 inch across. (HS:200-800 d ) PKT. (100 seeds) $5

--Habanero Chocolate Craig's Super (C. chinense) Plants 3 feet tall and 3 feet across, produces 50-60 fruit per plants, 1-2 inches long and 1.2 inches wide. Chocolate color adds a unique flavor unmatched by any other peppers. Unusually hot with the top heat level tested so far for a chocolate habanero strain, approaching the heat of the Ghost pepper. (HS:35,398 f) PKT. (100 seeds) $5.

Scotch Bonnet Caribbean Red

--Scotch Bonnet Caribbean Red (C. chinense). A formerly common variety now commercially extinct, red habanero-shaped fruit, very productive and a popular variety when it was available. Get the last of the seeds. (HS: 8,000 f). PKT. (100 seeds) $5

----Trinidad Scorpion Red (C. chinense). (Up to HS:145,000 d) Bulk seeds One gram $20, 1/4 oz. $100, 1/2 oz. $200.

---OAXACA PEPPER SEED COLLECTION. All six of the following peppers: Chilhaucle Amarillo, Chilhuacle Negro, Costeño Amarillo, Costeño Rojo, Onza Amarillo, and Onza Rojo are in this special collection. $38 postpaid.

---TRINIDAD SCORPION PLUS 10 pepper collection. 10 different pepper seed packets from 2013, plus one packet of Trinidad Scorpion from this year. $35 includes shipping costs to USA, Canada and Mexico.

HERB PIPICHE (Porophyllum tageteoides) Also called Pipicha, Pepicha, or Chepiche. While the Mexican herb Papalo is very rare in the USA, its close relative Pipiche from Oaxaca Mexico is almost completely unknown. Whereas papalo has round leaves, this herb has long narrow tarragon-like leaves, and both are used like celantro. These two herbs are what Aztecs and Mayans used in their cooking before celantro was introduced to Mexico from China.

Easily grown, plants are 2-3 feet tall in spring-summer. For small scale farmers, check with local wholesale produce markets for a big demand from upscale restaurants and wherever people from Mexico have settled in the USA. PKT. (100 seeds) $5. Bulk prices include postage to USA, Canada: One ounce $55, 1/4 pound $180, 1/2 pound $260, One pound $520.

Updated April 11, 2014