Craig & Sue Dremann's
Most Awesome & Excellent Spring
California March 24-26, 2009
wildflower adventure.

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Amsinckia, one of California's most common and widespread wildflowers.

Coreopsis, highway 58 on eastern edge of Carrizo plains at juction of Seven Mile road.

Desert candles
Desert candles, now very rare, highway 58 2 miles ,east of highway 395, Kramer Junction.

Desert dandelion
Desert dandelions along highway 58, around Boron, lines the roadsides.



Highway 58 west of Boron, Goldfields and Cal. poppies.

Gorman wildflowers
Town of Gorman off I-5, Coreopsis

Gorman wildflowers
Gorman off I-5 near Grapevine, Coreopsis and Lupines.

Grapevine wildflowers
I-5 at Grapevine, behind the Ramada Inn, Lupines and Brodiaea mix.
(The best place to stay, to visit the Gorman and Lancaster poppy fields--try rooms 200-209 that face the mountains)

Layia or Tidy Tips

Owls clover
Owls Clover off Highway 58

Phacelia in Carrizo Plains, abandoned plowed field off Seven Mile Road

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