Solar Eclipse Sierra Nevada, California May 20, 2012.

Photos copyright © 2012 by Craig C. Dremann (650) 325-7333

Viewed along I-80 at Emigrant Gap, near Nyack, CA.

Eclipse viewers, black arrow on left shows binocular set up to project eclipse onto paper,
and right arrow shows Sacramento TV 10 ABC camera.

5:18 PM, moon taking a tiny bite out of the right side.

5:41 PM, you can see some sun spots.

5:41 PM


6:03 PM, a sun spot can be seen.

6:10 PM

6:12 PM

6:18 PM

6:23 PM

6:26 PM


Maximum at 6:28 PM

6:33 PM

6:38 PM, sun spot can be seen.

6:41 PM

6:44 PM

6:49 PM

6:52 PM

Venus transit June 5, 2012 about 3PM PDT to sunset

Planet Venus passing in front of the sun, lower right corner. Sunspots form a triangle.

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