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ROADSIDE VEGETATION ANALYSIS PROGRAM. Analyzes the potentials for conversion fron exotic plant management to local ecosystem function re-establishment and low maintanence.

Do you want to eliminate mowing and herbiciding along roadways? An interchange along California's Interstate I-5 can show us an alternative. The exotic weedy biennials and tall annual grasses require mowing or herbiciding each year. Each picture has a blue-handled trowel shown for scale:

star thistle

Yellow star thistle (left), and wild oat/ripgut annual grasses [Can you find the trowel?] (right).

StipaAn alternative to the exotic grasses and weeds can still be found within the Interstate right-of-way, but it is easily overlooked because it is short, low-growing: THE ORIGINAL CALIFORNIA NATIVE PERENNIAL PRAIRIE! All around the United States, native grassland communities still exist in relict stands, and if studied and expanded, they could provide practically maintenance-free roadside groundcover.

Our company analyzes where these relict natural ecosystems exist: we determines which species and ecotypes are most important for successful use along roadsides, and we analyze what is required to recreate a functioning ecosystem. Why fight nature...utilize it to maintain a low maintenance roadside landscape!

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