"KITE HILL"  Serpentine Wildflower Open Space
Ecological Restoration Preserve, Woodside, California.


14 acres of wildflowers, bloom from April to October. At the top of Alta Mesa, no parking lot, no signage.


The 2019 wildflower bloom, was the results of four years of Ecological Restoration land management by
Craig Dremann, owner of the Reveg Edge, P.O. Box 361, Redwood City, CA 94064 (650) 325-7333 and,
crews of Frank Manocchio from Land Escapes, P.O. Box 313, Redwood City, CA 94064 (650) 364-0333

Images and text Copyright © 2019 by Craig Carlton Dremann, all right reserved, including the web.



I started with in 2016 with a big flammable weed patch full of European wild oats 3-4 feet tall. Every foot tall these wild oats are allowed to grow until they are cut, adds one ton of fire fuel per acre--that does not decompose until the next winter’s rains.


Fortunately, underneath the weeds, were dormant native seeds were still in the soil and estimated to be between 100 and 250 years old.  Once the weeds were mowed monthly, that allowed the native seeds to sprout at the rate of 5-10 seedlings per square inch.



Wild oats, the European weed grass that is the initial kindling for fires in California.



Mowing monthly and cutting the weed grass seeds while green, keeps them from reproducing.



“Before picture” with the red cap showing how tall the weed grasses where, when we started.



The “After picture” -- once we get rid of the weeds and the natives sprout back, only a few inches tall.



Tidy Tips, during the spring of 2019, 50 million tidy tips per acre bloomed!




 The Clarkias blooming in May and June, the Farewell to Spring.



More Clarkias.



The rare and sweet scented Coyote mint blooms in summer, providing nectar for the Western bumblebees.



A giant form of alligator lizard lives in this serpentine grasslands.



Miner’s Lettuce, your best friend, keeps weeds out!          Purple Owl's Clover, thick in patches.



TOM CAT Clover, now very rare, cows loved it to death!    Blue eyed grasses in clusters, they like company.



Blow wives, seeds of a plant in the sunflower family       Checker Mallows, scattered everywhere, by the 1000s.




BRODIAEAS in rocky areas or moist soil.               Calochortus or Butterfly Lily, an awesome flower.




Yellow Calochortus or Butterfly Lily, blooms May.   




Tiny goldfields, usually the first to bloom, in bare soil.    Lessingias grow along trail edges in summer.




Very rare Lewisia, only a few dozen grows on rocks.     Native Lotus, found underneath the Tidy Tips.




Lupines, only a few patches, growing back so far.        Pineapple weed, only grows in paths--pineapple scented.




California poppies, scattered in rich soil, on mounds.




Soap plants, common in the middle of trails.….Tarweeds, blooms through summer with a nice scent.  



Update March 20, 2022.