BLM BAKERSFIELD - Native plant workshop, requested Agenda items.

Training session with Craig Dremann, research director and co-owner of
The Reveg Edge, Box 361, Redwood City, CA 94064 (650) 325-7333

Monday, August 13, 2001

Agenda items requested by the participants:
Last updated July 25, 2001

1: Planting Seasons

2: Planting Clean-up crops ahead of the native planting

3: Measurement of success

4: Rodent Control

5: When is transplanting preferable to seeding?

6: Is irrigation absolutely necessary?

7: How can we help natives overcome existing weed seed banks?

8: What site preparation methods should we use?

9: Should we use mycorrhizal inoculum?

10: What seeding density works best under various conditions?

11: How should we manage sites after seeding?

12: Can some disturbances revegetate without our intervention?

13: When is a seed source close enough to be considered local?

14: Should we try to replicate natural plant communities?

15: What do you think about restoring microbiotic crusts in conjunction with native seed plantings or in place of vascular plants for erosion control?  (Dr. Jayne Belnap has done quite a
bit of work with microbiotic crusts in the Great Basin and has a protocol for
reintroducing them.)

16: Seed storage

17: Seed germination

18: Best sizes to transplant(best success)

19: What is considered successful germ/transplant?

20: Best way to produce more seed from collected (i.e. setting up nursery?!)

21: Importance of Mycorrhizae

22: How and when to collect seed and the length of viability, storage etc. and what considerations needed when collecting such as soil type, location etc.?

23: Amount of seed needed to ensure successful and sustainable population.

24: Successful combination of seed in mix. (what types work well together)

25: Is any maintenance needed once plants come up?

26: Which grasses can effectively work where?

27: General information about effects of fire and how to use it to encourage natives

28: Planting native shrubs by seed

29: Are there certain planting techniques that work better than others such as hand, broadcast, seed drill?

30: Collection of local seed materials, when, how, storage,

31: Site preparation...micro-topography, scarification, burning, herbicides

32: Commercial vs. Propagation on site...growing our own

33: How to deal with non-native grasses/forbs..competition from other natives

34: Timing of seedings

35: Large scale vs. small scale seedings or plantings

36: To irrigate or not......

37: Inter-seeding once established

38: Monitoring for success

39: Follow-up management....burning, grazing, protection, disturbance

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