Caltrans District 8 - Native plant workshop, requested Agenda items.
Training session with Craig Dremann, research director and co-owner of
The Reveg Edge, Box 361, Redwood City, CA 94064 (650) 325-7333

District 8: Tuesday May 16, 2000 - San Bernardino

Agenda items requested by the participants, sorted by topic:
Last updated May 10, 2000,

1. AESTHETICS - Aesthetically pleasing natives?

2. AESTHETICS - What natives are the most attractive and how to use?

3. ANNUAL NATIVES - What do we do with annuals ? Can they be reseed themselves, or must we reseed ?

4. APPLICATION - Site preparation?

5. APPLICATION - Specification requirements?

6. APPLICATION - Various techniques for planting(drilling, hydroseeding...etc.)?

7. BENEFITS - Benefits of natives versus ornamentals?

8. CLIMATE - Minimum/maximum climatic, soil... etc.?

9. COMPETITION - Natives in the above environments that are most successful at out competing exotics during the establishment period (and beyond)?

10. COSTS - What are comparative costs ? Especially the long term maintenance costs ?

11. DESERT SPECIES - What is the best seed mix for upper and lower desert areas?

12. EROSION - Ability of various natives to control erosion?

13. EROSION CONTROL - Erosion control vs. revegetation?

14. EXAMPLES - Do you have sources for excellent "before" and "after" native landscaping ?

15. EXOTICS - Are non-natives from Arizona, Nevada, etc. BETTER THAN overseas aliens.

16. EXOTICS - Are some alien species now considered better than recent aliens (i.e. fountain grass)

17. EXOTICS - How will introduced native species affect the surrounding plant community?

18. EXOTICS - Is there a compromise between native - non-native ? Come on tell the truth.

19. HYDROSEED - "Duff" vs. hydroseeding? Which is best for erosion control vs. reveg.?

20. HYDROSEEDING - What is the best application method of hydroseeding slopes steeper than 2:1

21. IRRIGATION - Irrigation duration needed for different natives?

22. IRRIGATION - Should include some irrigation?

23. LOCAL ECOTYPES - Must we really use seeds from our immediate area ?

24. LOCAL ECOTYPES - Will locally adapted varieties be used or available?

25. MAINTENANCE - Maintenance activities required for success?

26. MAINTENANCE - What would it take to make natives survive in CT R/W under normal maintenance conditions?

27. METHODS - San Bernardino mountains and foothills species revegetation--methods, species mixes, seeding, soil specifications, etc.?

28. MONITORING - Monitoring methods?

29. MYCHORIZAE - Does it really make a difference to use mychorizae inoculant with non-irrigated hydroseed mixtures?

30. NATIVE AMERICA INVOLVEMENT - Can we coordinate with Native American consultant to plant resource species (e.g. basketry materials)?

31. NATIVE AMERICAN UTILIZATION - Will certain species cause safety issues by encouraging roadside collecting in inappropriate locales?

32. NATIVE TREES - Especially what NATIVE TREES can we use?

33. NATURAL RESEEDING - Discussion about natural re-seeding process and how to give it a jump-start or ensure success?

34. PLANT INSITU LOCATIONS - Identification of locations for various natives?

35. PLANTING SEASON - Optimum planting seasons?

36. SEED AVAILABLE - Availability of seeds?

37. SEED ISSUES - Pure live seed vs. bulk seed?

38. SEED MIXES - What are the criteria for seed mixtures?

39. SEEDING - Success rate of natives when planted as seed?

40. SEEDING RATE - For erosion control, how many seeds per sq. ft. should be used.

41. SEEDING RATE - How do we determine viable and appropriate density/distribution?

42. SEEDING RATES - Application rates of various seeds?

43. SUCCESS - Methods and practices to increase/ensure chances of revegetation success in a desert environment, especially when no irrigation is used?

44. SUCCESS - Requirements for successful growth?

45. SUCCESSFUL NATIVES - Highly successful species?

46. SUCCESSFUL NATIVES - Natives most suitable for use in CT R/W?

47. SUCCESSFUL SPECIES - Species recommendations in relation to present conditions?

48. SUCCESSFUL SPECIES - Species that require the most care to succeed?

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