Caltrans District 4 - Native plant workshop, requested Agenda items.

Training session with Craig Dremann, research director and co-owner of
The Reveg Edge, Box 361, Redwood City, CA 94064 (650) 325-7333

District 4: Tuesday August 8, 2000 - San Ramon

Agenda items requested by the participants:
Last updated July 24, 2000

1. What type of native can be used for slope protect on semi rocky soils?

2. What is the mow height and frequency for native grasses?

3. What type of tree and shrubs should be used for mitigation in unlandscaped areas?

4. How does Maintenance go about getting a project started and who has to fund it?

5. Appropriate grass/wildflower mixes for the Bay Area ?

6. Methods for applying seed/revegetaing steep slopes?

7. Strategies revegetating while assuring first winter erosion control?

8. Low growing mixes for roadside to reduce maintenance/safety concerns?

9. Mixes for grassy swales?

10. Mixes for dry, exposed hillsides?

11. Revegetation/erosion control strategies for short (2 month) projects?

12. Compost vs synthetic fertilizer on grass/wildflower establishment?

13. Wheat/barley straw vs native grass straw?

14. Cost effective/low maintenance treatments?

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