Caltrans District 3 - Native plant workshop, requested Agenda items.
Training session with Craig Dremann, research director and co-owner of
The Reveg Edge, Box 361, Redwood City, CA 94064 (650) 325-7333

District 2 and 3 combined: Tuesday September 12, 2000 - Yuba City

Agenda items requested by the participants:
Last updated May 10, 2000

1. Can natives be established and maintained without herbicides?

2. What natives tend to be hardier and can tolerate a ROW environment?

3. Can you get rid of Yellow star thistle without burning or herbicides, with only a change in maintenance practices?

4. Do we need to collect native seeds from plants growing on serpentine soils when we try to revegetate serpentine roadcuts and slides?

5. Is a native plant growing on serpentine genetically different than the same species of native growing nearby on another soil type? (see>>pictures of our common garden genetic test).

6: Determining appropriate species for project site; type of species and source of material?

7: Site preparation/weed control-adequately addressing compaction and stabilization?

8: Soil evaluation/amendments?

9: Monitoring?

10: Long term management?-success of native grasses without fire or mowing?

If you do not see the topic(s) you would like to have discussed at the workshop listed here, fill out the survey at least a week before the workshop date.

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