Caltrans District 3 - Native plant workshop, requested Agenda items.

Training session with Craig Dremann, research director and co-owner of
The Reveg Edge, Box 361, Redwood City, CA 94064 (650) 325-7333

District 2 and 3 combined: Tuesday September 12, 2000 - Yuba City

Agenda items requested by the participants:
Last updated May 10, 2000

1. Can natives be established and maintained without herbicides?

2. What natives tend to be hardier and can tolerate a ROW environment?

3. Can you get rid of Yellow star thistle without burning or herbicides, with only a change in maintenance practices?

4. Do we need to collect native seeds from plants growing on serpentine soils when we try to revegetate serpentine roadcuts and slides?

5. Is a native plant growing on serpentine genetically different than the same species of native growing nearby on another soil type? (see>>pictures of our common garden genetic test).

6: Determining appropriate species for project site; type of species and source of material?

7: Site preparation/weed control-adequately addressing compaction and stabilization?

8: Soil evaluation/amendments?

9: Monitoring?

10: Long term management?-success of native grasses without fire or mowing?

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