Caltrans District 11 - Native plant workshop, requested Agenda items.
Training session with Craig Dremann, research director and co-owner of
The Reveg Edge, Box 361, Redwood City, CA 94064 (650) 325-7333

Thursday March 30, 2000 - San Diego,
Mission Trails Park, 1 Father Junipero Serra Trail,
9:30-4 PM, field session 2-4 PM.

AGENDA items requested by the participants (arranged in order of date received):
Last updated March 14, 2000

1: What desert natives could be used around desert Roadside Rest Areas?

2: What are the advantages for using Pure Live Seed as opposed to bulk seeds in non irrigated hydroseed mixtures?

3: For roadside revegetation, how many seeds per square foot should one calculate?

4: What would be the best application method for hydroseeding slopes steeper than 1:2?

5: Is it cost effective to hydroseed non irrigated mixtures during summer months?

6: Does it really make a difference to use mychorizae inoculant with non irrigated hydroseed mixtures?

7: Is it possible to re-establish vanished native species plants by hydroseed in roadisde cuts and fills?

8: What it would take to make natives survive in CT right of way under normal maintenance conditions?

9: How CT Maintenance might change their practices to allow a higher survival rate for natives?

10: Natives most suitable for use in CT right of way?

11: Low liability natives...easy to keep alive and not highly flammable?

12: Fire control required of Maint.and how it relates to CT native habitat areas?

13: Suggestions of successful native species in coastal sage scrub?

14: Suggestions of drought resistant natives in southern California?

15: Suggestions for successful native grasses for reveg efforts?

16: Pure live seed vs. bulk seed?

17: Erosion Conrol vs. Revegetation?

18: What is short and long term goals when using california natives?

19: List of species for use in our district?

20: Availability of container plants and seed?

21: What is the best way to specify native seed. Purity, Germ, PLS ?

22: Is mycorrhizae innoculation worth the added expense?

23: How to specify paticular mycorrhizae for specific native species.

24: What is a realistic goal for percent cover for different native plant communities? CSS, Riparian, etc.

25: Should we be specifing scarification of some native seed species and how do we tell our contractor to do the procedure.

26: S. California examples of success/failure (and why?)

27: Coastal sage scrub (CSS) habitat restoration?

28: Optimal seed application rates?

29: CSS "cut slope" restoration?

30: Planning considerations in semi-arid and arid landscapes?

31: Use of container stock vs. hydroseeding in restoration

32: Seed source purity

33: Plant list selection criteria.

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