"Pepper Winners" using Redwood City Seed Company's peppers

Craig & Sue Dremann, co-owners, Box 361, Redwood City, CA 94064
(650) 325-7333

Redwood City Seed Company offers a unique selection of nearly 100 peppers that people have grown and won awards with them. Seed list here.

This page will be to post pictures of people who have grown Redwood City Seed Company's peppers, and won awards, like chili contests, county fairs, state fairs, and science fairs, or other awards.

For example, Willie Hopkins of Cleveland, Ohio, won the annual hottest chili contest in his city, five years in a row, using the world's hottest, Tepin peppers, to heat up his entry.

WHAT WE NEED to post you as a winner on this page, please mail to us:

1.) Please explain what you won? What pepper(s) did you grow or use, the year of the award, and what contest or fair did you win?

2.) Your name, address and phone? Please let us know what you would like to see posted on this web page. We could post your name and your town and state; or if you wish, only your name and state.

3.) Photograph print(s) of your win, pictures of the plants, etc.---wherever you would want to see posted. Please write descriptions for each picture you send.

4.) Please include a letter giving Craig & Sue Dremann permission to post your pictures and descriptions on this web page, without any fees. You will retain copyrights on your pictures and descriptions.

Updated February 10, 2008