SWEETGRASS Organically grown
plants and dried bulk leaves
(Hierochlöe odorata) also called Vanilla grass,
Bison grass, and zubrowka.
Redwood City Seed Company, Box 361, Redwood City, CA 94064.
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Sweetgass plants
We offer two kinds of live plants, the Regular
(left) and the
Supershamanistic™ (right),
shown in June growing in 2-3/4" pots.
The Supershamanistic™ is a more robust plant,
growing three times faster, and looks like it is
exploding out of the pot. We can get 3-5 cuts a year
from our Supershamanistic™ plants, but only one or
two cuts from the Regular strain.

Our Supershamanistic™ strain grows so fast--when
you cut it in the morning, you can see it regrowing
by noon.

No pesticides, sprays, or chemical fertilizers are used.

Our plants are guaranteed to arrive alive & thrive!

your sweetgrass plants maps show
suggested ship dates for your state in green:

2015 spring ship dates: June 1, 8, 15, 22
and July 6, 13, 20, August 3, 10, 17 and 24.

Please place your order for a particular
ship-date, by the Friday before each ship-date,
by 4 PM California Time.

ORDERING: We dig and ship plants from
spring to autumn
and by looking at the ship-date maps,
you can order the plants for the right month for your area.

All plants are shipped via the Post Office, so if
you have a Post Office Box, that address is preferred.

FREE SHIPPING to USA addresses.

Order by phone (650) 325-7333 or
FAX (650) 325-4056

PRICES (Effective December 23, 2014)
---Free dried sweetgrass sample, when you order plants.

--REGULAR strain sweetgrass plants -
$12 each, 3/$24, 6/$36, 10/$55, 15/$80,
Prices include Free Shipping Priority
mail to USA addresses.

--SUPERSHAMANISTIC sweetgrass plants
- For home and garden - $14 each, 3/$28,
6/$42, 10/$65, 15/$96, 20/$125,30/$180,
40/$240, 60/$350,80/$460, 100/$570.

BULK PRICES for large-scale plantings,
landscaping or dried braid production -

200/$1,120, 300/$1,650, 400/$2,160,
500/$2,650, 600/$3,130, 800/$4,080,
Prices include Free Shipping
Priority mail
via the post office. Plants grow about
3-5 times faster than the regular strain. The dramatic
increased speed of growth, is a genetic chromosome
increase that is naturally produced in grasses called
"polyploidy" which is not caused by fertilizers.

This plant is not a hybrid or a GMO and is NOT
This strain is the fastest-growing
natural sweetgrass in North America, discovered
growing in our beds many years ago, and was also
found by scientists in 1960 growing in the wild
stands of Ohio.. There is no difference in the scent
of either strain.The record length produced so far
with this strain, is 41.5 inches long, but we believe
that this strain has a potential of 48 inches long.

When established and fertilized monthly, the
Supershamanistic™ strain can produce at least
40,000 braids per acre per year.

Prices include priority mail
via the post office
to USA, Canada and Mexico.

Length is usually about 12-18 inches,
and wrapped
in 1/2 pound bundles, about 3 inches across. About 20
braids worth per 1/2 pound. Taking orders for
the July 2015 harvest.
PRICE: 1/2 pound $30
Free Shipping to USa, Canada and Mexico.

is usually about 20-24+ inches,
and wrapped in
1/2 pound bundles, about 3 inches in diameter. About
40 braids worth per pound. Order for next cut
in July 2015.
PRICE: 1/2 pound $50 Free Shipping
to USA, Canada and Mexico.

---BASKET LEAVES. Wrapped in 1/2
pound bundles, 16-24 inches long. Inexpensive
material to practice sweetgrass baskets. Low scent,
not useful for making braids or bundles.
Taking orders for July 2015 now.
One pound $50 Free Shipping to USA, Canada
and Mexico. Ask for prices for overseas.

Sweetgrass sample
A free dried sweetgrass sample
if you order any live plants.

For any sweetgrass orders $50 or more, you can
ask for a free seed packet of WHITE or GRAND-
FATHER SAGE (Salvia apiana).

White Sage plants if grown in a container year-round,
can be grown anywhere in the country as long as
plants are brought indoors in the winter where you
get hard frosts. Grandfather or white sage is native
to coastal California from Santa Barbara to the
Mexican border, and all of the dried bundles used
each year are harvested from the wild plants, and
a bundle represents a year's growth of the plant.

Growing instructions for White Sage here.

California customers ordering either plants or
dried leaves, please add
7-1/4% sales tax if you live
outside San Mateo Co., or 8-1/4% if within San Mateo Co.

don't have time to plant them immediately, they can
survive in their plastic bags for a few days, as long as the
roots are kept moist and they get some light, but never
any direct sunlight.

fish fertilizer

When plants first arrive, always soak the
roots in a bowl of water for at least one minute
You can also mix up one cup liquid fish fertilizer
with a gallon of water, and soak roots for 15
minutes in the liquid fish solution before planting.

When we ship the plants to you, their roots are not shipped
bare-naked, and have moist potting soil protecting them,
which allows plants to start growing quickly once you
plant them.

Before planting in pots, add a Tablespoon of bone meal
and blood meal and mix them into the potting soil, before
you plant the plants.

After planting, fertilize the plants with liquid fish fertilizer,
one cup diluted in a gallon watering can. Also add a
hand-full of bone meal and blood meal to each plant.
Then sprinkle the surface with more water, to wash the
fertilizers deeper into the soil, so it is not on the surface.

You will repeat those three fertilizers each month in the
growing season--a hand-full of bone meal, blood meal
worked into the top inch of soil around each plant, and
one cup of liquid fish diluted in a gallon of water. And
then water everything in until you do not see any fertilizers
on the surface.

If you are ordering 20 or fewer plants for delivery in spring
or summer, it is best to plant each plug into 8" diameter
plastic pots in potting soil, keeping them outside in the
shade for a few days, and then introduce them to morning
sun and then as much afternoon sun as they can take.

DO NOT USE potting soil that contains polymer crystals,
and do not add any polymer crystals to the potting soil,
as it keep the soil too moist. The potting soils with polymer
crystals will mention something on the bag about
"moisture control" or "Watersorb"-- DO NOT USE THIS

When growing in pots, always use a commercial potting
soil, and you can mix in some Perlite to add better drainage,
up to 30% perlite. Do not use vermiculite. Also, do not
use Kellogg Brand potting soil.

Also for plants in containers, never use soil dug out of
the garden.

Also, do not use Miracle Gro® brand bone meal or
Whitney Farms bone meal, but any other brand of bone
meal is OK. You can find the other brands at ACE
hardware or garden stores on the shelf like "High Yield"
or "Jobes Organic" or they can special order those for

Adding some IRONITE once a year, adds iron plus
important trace minerals like Manganese.

Planting sweetgrass in the pots first, allow you to easily
move them around the garden, until you find the perfect
sun/shade conditions that the plants like best.

you place your order, the ship date for your night time
temperatures should be in the 50s and not in the 40s.
If grown in a container for the summer, for places that
get in the 20s or below in winter, the plants should be
planted in the ground before the first frost.

Sweetgrass is hardy up to the Arctic Circle, so unless you
have polar bears and glaciers in the neighborhood, plants
will survive just fine planted in the garden overwinter.
Just mark the spots so you know where they are going
to sprout up in spring.

Let them grow for at least month in the pots before you
plant them out into the garden. In the North, they will want
sun all day long. In the Southwest, Deep South and
Southern California, they will absolutely need some
afternoon shade.

Click here to see sweetgrass growing month-
, and the plant in a few months will fill the
8" pot. When they've grown to a large size, you can plant
them out into your garden, spacing each 1-2 feet apart.
Sweetgrass is very fast-growing in the summer.

Plants ordered in autumn can be directly planted
into the garden-
--just make sure to put them in an area
that is completely free of other grasses, and carefully
mark each spot where you plant your plants, so you can
find them next spring.

The record length obtain from our Supershamanistic™
strain is 41.5 inches grown in Montana. If your plants
beat that record, please let us know. It may have a
potential to reach 48 inches.

Plants are shipped via the post office in cardboard boxes,
priority mail.

Pictures of our plants successfully growing in
home gardens
click here= sweetstates.html
and sweetstates2.html

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Redwood City Seed Company, Box 361,
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