Europe through Africa Vegetation Megatransect
compiled from pictures from the pages.

Northern Europe to South Africa, ecological and vegetation photo megatransect, running as close to the Greenwich zero meridian as possible, from the northern tip of Norway, to the tip of South Africa.

Compiled by Craig Dremann, (650) 325-7333, for scientific study of what a large-scale, continent-sized ecological and vegetation photo megatransect could possibly look like, photos copyright by the photographers that are listed on the pages at Photos on this web page are used here with written permission from the Confluence Project.

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Green dots trace the route of this megatransect.

Norway 70N 25E

Norway 69N 24E

Sweden 68N 23E

Sweden 67N 22E

Sweden 66N 21E

Norway 65N 12E

Norway 64N 12E

Norway 63N 9E

Norway 62N 5E

Norway 61N 10E

Norway 60N 6E

Norway 59N 7E

Scotland 58N 5W

Scotland 57N 5W

Scotland 56N 5W

Scotland 55N 5W

England 54N 2W

England 53N 0

England 52N 0

England 51N 0

France 50N 2E

France 49N 0 France 48 N 0 France 47N 0 France 46N 0 France 45 N 0 France 44 N 0

Spain 43 N 5W
Spain 42N 5W
Spain 41N 5W
Spain 40N 5W
Spain 39N 5W
Spain 38N 5W
Spain 37N 5W
The Rock 36N 5W
Morocco 35 N 5W
Morocco 34N 5W
Morocco 33N 7W
Morocco 32 N 5W
Morocco 31 N 5W
Morocco 30N 9W
Morocco 29N 9W
Libya 28N 10E

Libya 27N 11E

Libya 26N 11E
Libya 25N 11E

Algeria 24N 9E

Mauritania 23N 13W
Mauritania 22N 13W
Mauritania 21N 16W
Mauritania 20N 6W
Mali 19N 1E ...
or moonscape?
Mali 18N 1E
Mali 17N 1E
Mali 16N 2E
Mali 15N 7W

Burkina Faso 14N 2W

Burkina Faso 13N 4W

Mali 12N 5W
Burkina Faso 11N 5W
Burkina Faso 10N 4W
Ghana 9N 1W
Ivory Coast 8N 3W
Ivory Coast 7N 3W
Ivory Coast 6N 4W
Ghana 5N 2W
Cameroon 4N 10E
Cameroon 3N 10E

Congo Democratic Republic 2N 31E

Uganda 1N 34E

Uganda 0 30W

Tanzania 1S 31E

Tanzania 2S 34E

Tanzania 3S 36E

Tanzania 4S 36E

Tanzania 5S 39E

Tanzania 6S 38E

Tanzania 7S 31E

Tanzania 8S 39E

Tanzania 9S 33E

Angola 10S 14E

Malawi 11S 34E

Angola 12S 14E

Angola 13S 13E

Zambia 14S 32E

Angola 15S 13E

Zambia 16S 23E

Angola 17S 12E

Namibia 18S 13E

Namibia 19S 14E

Namibia 20S 15E

Namibia 21S 15E

Namibia 22S 15E

Namibia 23S 15E

Namibia 24S 16E

Namibia 25S 16E

Namibia 26S 16E

Namibia 27S 16E

Namibia 28S 16E

South Africa 29S 17E

South Africa 30S 18E

South Africa 31S 18E

South Africa 32S 19E

South Africa 33S 19E

South Africa 34S 19E

Updated October 8, 2009